The Fathers Daughter is a blog set up to share my journey in my intimate relationship with the Father and to help God’s children develop an intimate Father -daughter and even Father -son relationship.

Many people have asked me how I hear from God and how I developed an intimate relationship with the Father. This platform is set-up so you too can develop your own relationship. I must say that I’m also still on my own journey and learning every day which I believe would continue till eternity with Him.

I would be sharing my journey as I go and grow as The Fathers Daughter. I would also try to be as vulnerable and as real as possible.

I do pray that through this blog you would come to experience God as your Father and you would have an intimate Father – daughter or Father – son relationship with Him.

If you would like to contact me kindly send an email to thefathersdaughter2018@gmail.com . You can also sign up for our mentoring platform by sending an email.

Remember He is your Father and you are The Fathers Daughter/Son.