Tribute to Aunty Yetunde

Aunty Yetunde I still can’t believe you are gone.  You had such an amazing heart. I’ve been reading the tributes and I’m just amazed at how you touched people’s lives in so many ways. You impacted so many silently and these are the acts that will definitely get rewarded in eternity. Even with us family members, I thought I was special to you until I’ve heard others accounts. You truly reached out to each and every one of us and made all of us feel special.
Personally you were one of my greatest supporters in my purpose walk. You would always buy any merchandise I’m selling and you won’t just buy for yourself, you will even buy 10. I won’t even ask you, I’ll just get a message from you saying you want…..You were just so supportive. Last year I was at a pivotal point in my business where I wanted to expand and in finance you are taught that you first of all finance your business through your personal funds afterwards you should reach out to family & friends before you then go to external parties like banks/ investors. After 4 years of predominantly self-funding, late last year I was ready to reach out to family & friends and I reached out to you. This was a huge step for me because I ordinarily don’t like to ask for favours from anyone. Aunty you offered to support me with money without even asking too many questions. It wasn’t a small sum of money . Asides from your personal funds, you were even willing to borrow extra to support me. Even though, I didn’t need the funds anymore you left a lasting impression in me. I had someone I could rely on and call on whenever I wanted or needed to. After that  the next thing you said is that you have a pair of Louboutin shoes for me and you will drop it off for me at Osborne. Sadly I never got round to picking them up. This is how you were you were always thinking  of me and giving me clothe, shoes..
One thing you did that would forever be in my heart, is your support after I wrote the Richer Woman. It was a very scary time for me when not many understood the journey I was on and why I had to write the book but Aunty you reached out and said the kindest things to me and you gave me your full support. Even as I type this I am feeling emotional. This is the best gift you gave me & I know in Heaven it will count for you and you will see the impact of that one gesture in the work that the Father has called me to. Even when my father in law passed away recently you also supported with your presence & cash.
I wish I could say thank you for everything. I wish I could give you a hug &  tell you how much you mean to me. The last time I saw you was in March at an event. I kept getting interrupted by people when I tried to say hello. I wish I had just said “wait I need to see my aunty”. If only I knew that was the last time I would see you. If only……..
I rest in the fact that you knew our Lord Jesus Christ and one day I will see you again in eternity and we would never have to part again. Rest well Aunty.

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