JESUS the Healer of blood conditions

person getting his blood check
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Being on maternity leave I’ve been watching TV quite a bit. There is a story on SkyNews that has caught my attention and just now the Lord led me to write this. Essentially there is a story about kids who were infected by infected blood in the 70’s-90’s leading to dieseases like HIV and Hepatitis. I watched parents grieve over the loss of their children who died because of these conditions. What a horrible thing to go through. As I watched this evening, I felt the Lords burden for His children who have one blood condition or the other such as hepatitis, HIV etc. or even sickle cell anaemia.

His heart is heavy for you. He knows what you are going through. The beautiful thing is that He wants to heal you like He did with the woman in the Bible who had the issue of blood. She touched the hem of Jesus garment and she was healed from the condition she had for so many years. God wants to heal you and healing is not just what you read in the Bible. I have seen and experienced the healing power of God. I have known Jehovah Rapha our healer. I’ve seen God heal instantly and I’ve seen Him heal based on obedience and instructions. I have personally seen God heal someone with a knee injury and a back injury instantly via a single touch and this has nothing to do with their faith level but the presence of God on the person who prayed for them. I’ve also personally seen God heal based on instructions. Last year God healed me from a condition that doctors weren’t able to diagnose through a change of diet and I was also healed from another condition and I detail this in my book.

I has issues with my tummy as I always went to the bath room several times a day. Everytime I went to the hospital they had no explanation. One doctor said I had irritable bowel syndrome but you see I don’t believe anyone has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I believe IBS is a symptom of an underlying problem that if not treat properly will lead to a serious condition. For so many years I lived this way and completely forgot about this. I also had a very weak immune system as I would fall ill with the flu almost every two to three weeks. Anyway God began to speak to me about my health but I didn’t take it seriously. Then one day during my quiet time, I said to the Lord what is it about my health that you want to talk about. I fell asleep not long after and I saw a human organ in my dream. I woke up and didn’t know what I had seen so I decided to google human organs and I saw it was a stomach. Shortly after I went to Paris when I was about to indulge in my favorite Icecream the Lord warned me not to eat it. I was so sad. Interestingly the year before He had led me to give up chocolates. He didn’t tell me why. He just asked me if I would give up chocolates for Him. Which I did. After the swing the stomach organ. God then began to tell me what to eat and what not to eat through dreams and visions. Then one day I was on instagram and a post came up on @eonfoods (I was not even following them) with a picture of a human stomach and they talked about a condition where you have yeast in your tummy. The symptoms were exactly the same symptoms I was feeling. I believed God was showing me what was wrong with me. Interestingly when I researched it , research says doctors rarely diagnose this condition until it becomes worse or too late and leads to something else that is life threatening. The yeast will eat your stomach walk and then can go into your blood stream. It can also cause cancer. To treat it you basically have to dry out your gut and cut off anything sweet even natural sugars. Then my journey began. I couldn’t even eat fruits because of natural sugars. I overdosed on plantain and one day God showed me a vision of plantains and I knew I wasn’t meant to eat it anymore. I googled and found out that plantain had the highest amount of sugar in carbs even more than Sweet potato. To cut a long story short my diet changed ( I detail what I ate and what I didn’t eat in my new book #birthingpurpose) and my health changed. I wasn’t going to the toilet like I used it. I was going normally and my stool was normal. I lost 14 kilos. My skin began to glow and I became lighter. I looked so young. I was no longer falling ill with the flu. I also had so much energy. I went to do a check and the doctors said I had no yeast in my body. I also did an HPV test because I had been diagnosed with pre cancer cells in 2015 which is the stage before cervical cancer. The HPV virus is what gives the cervical cancer. When I did the blood test I was free from High risk HPV virus.

God healed me and God can heal you too. It’s not a function of whether it’s His will or not. Even before Jesus went to the cross He  Healed. HE healed EVERYBODY that came to Him not some. Sickness came as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve. Jesus came to redeem us from sickness. The Bible says in Matthew 8:17 “He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.”

This means you don’t have to be sick anymore. Your body is the temple of the Most High God and so sickness cannot dwell where the Most High God dwells. I pray for you reading this today that you receive the healing power of God. I pray for healing from whatever illness you have been diagnosed with or illness you have not been diagnosed with. You are healed in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN.

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