Reckless lover

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Last week there was a trending video about a young man who forgave his brothers killer and hugged her. Before I knew the video was trending I had already watched it and I knew God was trying to speak to me and so I kept wondering why He led me to watch. I knew He wanted to speak to me because for one the page I saw it, I rarely ever watch their videos. Also by God incidence I had heard about this particular case when it first happened when the police officer shot the man in his apartment. I felt really sorry for her because I thought what a terrible mistake to make. Like how do you miss the floor of your apartment and go to another persons floor & kill him in his apartment. I was thinking what kind of bad luck is that or rather even curse. If she were Nigerian I would say, her village people did this. Anyway so fast forward to yesterday when I saw the video of her verdict and the victims brother hugging her.

Jesus is saying this is how He loves us and everyone who sins against Him. The young man said I love you, I want the best for you. Jesus loves you no matter what sin you have committed. The young man said I don’t want you to go to jail. Jesus is saying I don’t want you to go to hell. I love you and I want the best for you. In this case even though the brother said he forgives her, the woman still has to spend time in jail as punishment for the crime. The thing is Jesus went a step further than forgiving us , He didn’t just hug us or tell us He loves us but He stepped down and said He will bear our punishment on our behalf. He went to “jail ” for us. He decided to do the 10 year jail term so that we don’t have to by dying on the cross in our place. This is reckless love. God too gave up His son Jesus for us so we don’t have to bear the consequences of our sins by going to hell. This man by this gesture just showed us a tiny bit of what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross for us. 

In conclusion , God has shown me the love He has for this police officer. Reading the information prosecutors provided such as her previous text messages and previous social media posts it’s obvious she was racist. Yes it was a mistake but she was racist anyway and would most likely have killed someone in the future. Maybe if it was a white man in the apartment she won’t have been too quick to shoot. So she does deserve the punishment but God in His infinite mercy decided to show her love through the young man’s gesture. Not only that the Jugde gave her a Bible and told her to read John 3:16. I know for a fact that the police officers life will never be the same. I believe she would develop a relationship with Jesus. I believe that He will use her mightily in prison and when she comes out she would be on fire for God. Most importantly, her soul is saved. What a  loving Father we serve.

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