The Fathers heart concerning the exodus to Canada


I didn’t realize how bad the migration to Canada was until recently someone who works in one of the top 4 accounting firms came to visit and she said in the last few months at work about 200 people have left her company to either Canada, the UK or the US. She said she too was tempted to go until God warned her not to go. Another friend of mine who is going to do her masters said she was shocked by the amount of young couples/families applying to leave the country. I’ve been reflecting and wondering what is really going on. As I’ve learnt we must always seek God’s perspective concerning a matter and so I did. The Lord brought to my remembrance the story of the 4 leper’s in 2 Kings 7.  In that story, there was a SEVERE famine in Samaria & the four leper’s were desperate, the decided to go to the enemy camp whether they perish or not. As they were going, supernaturally the enemy camp I.e. the army of Syria heard loud noises as though there were chariots and horses coming to kill them and the fled and left all their possessions and wealth and the leper’s came and took the spoils and called Israel to come to do so. Overnight they had an abundance of wealth.

The Lord is saying that many people who are running to Canada and other countries are like the Syrians who heard noises and ran away. They are hearing “noises” from everything in the media that typically is amplified. For example, even though there is xenophobia in South Africa last week some of the videos being circulated were old videos are far back as 2008. A Pastor friend of mine who lives in South Africa told this to me. Another Nigeria friend of mine who lives in Sandton didn’t even know anything was going on in SA until people from Nigeria started calling her to check up on her. Everywhere there is bad news. If you are not careful you won’t even want to leave your house. Yet there are also good things happening which are not usually published in media. So many people are fleeing the country because of this “noise” portrayed in the media . It is important to say that yes there are people who God specifically will give a word to move to Canada or another country and so this message does not apply to them but to the majority of people who are running away because of the “noise” they have heard.

For those who are on ground this is the time for wealth transfer. There are so many opportunities available now. Many people who are running away are selling their assets at giveaway prices so that they can get some cash to take with them. Some are looking to sell their cars. Some are looking to sell or rent their houses. This is a great time to rent or buy a house. For example flats/houses in places like Banana Island , Park View etc are going for very discounted prices. Trust me you won’t believe some of the asking prices. They are ridiculously low. God may have told you to move and you are wondering how you would be able to afford it, trust Him, He knows what He is talking about.

For those working in Corporate organizations , like the person who came visiting, this is the time to shine in your place of work and aim for higher positions and higher pay.

In general this is a season for wealth transfer and those who are on ground that can see those opportunities will take them.

For those who the Lord has specifically told you to move, don’t worry. Like the Shunammite woman in chapter 8 the Lord will restore you. Prophet Elisha had told her to go away because of a famine and when she returned she was restored. So be expectant. There is a reason why He needs you to move and so even though you may not want to, it is important you obey. It may be so that you can go and get the experience, skills and wealth that you would use in the New Nigeria. Just obey Him

In general this is not the time to follow the crowd or to be moved by what you see in the natural. This is a time to be led by God and God alone. If you go where you are not supposed to go, you will be frustrated, yes even in Canada but if you are in Gods perfect will you will prosper.

Your prayer in this season should be that  “God please show me the opportunities around me and the wealth that I can access in this season”.

Finally concerning Nigeria, overnight there will be a turn around for Nigeria and it is coming soon. See in Samaria a donkeys Head was going for 80 shekels of silver and dove droppings five shekels of silver. The famine was so bad that they were eating dove droppings and donkey head.

Also things were so bad that people were doing evil things like the women who agreed to kill and eat their sons.

Does this sound familiar? Currently things are so expensive in Nigeria and there is so much anarchy and evil in the land especially with stories of kidnappers, ritualists etc.

But you see overnight the Israelites situation changed. The Bible says the next day two seahs of barley went for a shekel and a a swag of fine flour for a shekel. These were things they did not  have the day before and they were even cheaper than what they had previously that was horrible for example the dove droppings.

There will be an overnight turn around for Nigeria . There is wealth that would be restored to Nigeria SUDDENLY. Wealth that was stolen will be recovered. Please note that this is not a motivational speech but a prophetic word. It is a now word that will soon manifest.

The thing is when this happens would you be prepared to partake in it. Do you have the structure that can sustain the wealth. In this season this is the time to put your house in order, build structure and be prepared for the time of abundance. When it comes there won’t be time to prepare. Like Noah receive instructions from God and build your ark. Like Noah have tunnel vision regardless of what everyone is saying or doing even if you look foolish. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Are you prepared for the opportunities that will come.

If you want to know wealth creation opportunities that exist in Nigeria, make sure you come for the 2019 #doitafraidconference . The theme is endless ocean. Registration details will be posted shortly.

4 thoughts on “The Fathers heart concerning the exodus to Canada

  1. Totally agree with this. When we were told to move, we doubted a lot but got so many words saying this is what i want you to do. He gave us His word to back this up. We also have it saying at the end of it we will return to Nigeria so we have this written down too.
    Where He told us to move to has been nothing short of a miracle everyday, favour on every side, testimonies from rent to job to everything. He has proved that He never leaves His own as long as we walk in His will


  2. If buying my used car or television is wealth transfer, you can keep it. Besides what makes you think immigrants cant return to Nigeria if things get better?


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