Day 19: The Father’s Daughter Challenge

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Day 19: Praise in every circumstance
Praise is so powerful. The Fathers daughter learns to praise God in every circumstance.
We all love praise. In Day 7 of the challenge, we spoke about death to the praise of man. The truth and reality is that many of us love praise. We love it when we are complimented for our looks. We like it when people say nice things to and about us. We like it when we are honoured. We like it when we are someone’s WCW. In Nigeria, there is a certain type of way you would feel when a musician starts to praise you or hail you at an event. Some people empty their pockets in the process, spraying the musician money. The thing is we should only seek the praise of God and not of man.
So if we who are mere mortals,  like praise, imagine how God feels when you praise Him for who He is. He would be so happy. Then imagine how He feels when you praise Him even in difficult circumstances. That’s a different level of faith.
Some of you may think this is not possible but all things are possible through Christ. One of my friends lost his wife after 6 months of being married and this was also a few days after they lost their baby (she was pregnant). He said that day he worshipped God. Wow. That’s deep. Only God could have given Him the grace to do so. This was just under 3 years ago. Today the the Father has restored him greatly and the Father is using him mightily in the kingdom. His worship must have moved God.
I’ve also learnt about praising God in every circumstance. The first Do It afraid conference, I ended up in debt of about N650,000. The day after the conference I was so sad. I questioned whether I had heard from God. God told me to use one of the most expensive venues in Lagos. I saw it in a vision and I obeyed. I assumed God will cover this debt through ticket sales. Alas all other costs where covered except the venue cost. So I was confused. How is it that I obey the Father and end up in debt?Later that evening, I received a Facebook message from someone . He began to prophecy. He said this conference may have put a hole in your pocket but ………. he said your obedience touched God. He prophecied so many things. I was encouraged. The debt was paid off within a few months. The second conference God specifically told me to use the most expensive venue in Lagos. Wow. I knew God had spoken and so I obeyed (this is another testimony for another day). God provided full payment for the venue a few days before the conference. However at the end of the conference I had other bills to pay. The day after the conference, I could have been anxious but I decided I wasn’t even going to check my account to see if I could pay off all the other bills. I decided I wasn’t going to be sad but I was going to spend time praising God the night of the event and the next day. I decided to just spend the day praising God. When I got home after the conference, I praised Him. The next day, I wore a brand new outfit (the only new one I had)  that I had planned to wear on Christmas and said I was going to wear my very best. I had a speaking engagement but I decided to go to the bank to deposit some of the cash I had with me from people who had paid at the door and bought some of my merchandise. I got to the bank and there was a queue so I decided to check my Instagram account while waiting. I received a direct message from a lady saying while I was sharing my testimony at the conference about being able to pay for the venue(the Lord asked me to share the testimony), the Lord told her to sow what she had made after she lost her job two weeks ago and she had deposited the money in my account. When I checked she had paid N1 million. I ran out of the bank screaming in awe of God. Fast forward to the 2017 conference, God again had told me to use a venue which was now the most expensive venue in Lagos (this is another testimony for another day).God provided the funds for the venue the night before the event. He came through at the eleventh hour. It was a loan of N3million. Now some of you maybe wondering why I keep using expensive Venues. I know better that obedience is better than sacrifice and so I choose to obey God even when I don’t understand it. I thought He was going provide through ticket sales like the year before but He didn’t. It was through a loan. This year He had told me to make the conference free of charge but I didn’t obey fully and only made it free for university students. Hmmmm. How was I owing again? I was owing N3million and also N2million balance for the venue as well as some other miscellaneous expenses. I was in debt of over N5million.  Depression wanted to hit me fast. The devil tried to take my joy. After a few days I decided that I was not going to end 2017 in sadness and that I was going to enter 2018 in praise. 2017 had been a blessed year for me and the devil wanted to steal my joy. So I decided to host a three day Insta live chat series focused on gratitude. I encouraged my audience/followers to be thankful no matter what their situation was. This was so hard for me to do, but I tried to stay thankful. It was during one of those chats that a very influential lady from Côte d’Ivoire reached out to me that she wants to bring me to Côte d’ivoire . This could only have been God because she is not always on social media but she came on that day. This has caused the birth of the French version of my book, The richer woman. I launched this book today at a youth conference where I spoke. This can only be God. I can’t help but think that if I had not been in debt, I won’t have done the insta live chat neither would I have gotten the opportunity to speak in Cote ‘d’Ivoire. By the way a few days later God opened by eyes to the fact that I had the N3 million sitting in an account with my name. My own money. In awe of God. The easiest thing would have been not to get into debt and cancel the conference but thank God I obeyed.
I’ve paid the N3millon off and N1million out of the balance of the venue through my husband and I’m almost out of debt.
In all of this I’m learning to praise God in every circumstance.
Praise is also the best weapon in a spiritual battle. Many of us start shouting and reciting prayers directed at the devil when faced in a situation but if only we just praise God. First of all the devil has been defeated . We have no business fighting him. Some spend all their prayer time fighting him and wonder why they still face the same problems over and over. The battle is the Lord and not ours. Even Archangel Michael in the book of Jude verses 9-11 (The Message version) said to the devil ” no you don’t God will take care of you. “
The Bible is full of accounts where God took care of the battle. One of my favorite Bible stories is about Jehosaphat in 2nd Chronicles chapter 20.
How did I even discover this story? Through a personal encounter. A few years ago when I was still a baby Christian, I followed my friend to see a “Man of God/prophet”. An older friend had said he was good etc so we went. Truly by their fruits you shall know them. It is so important to test all spirits.
That night I had a spiritual attack in my dream and this happened for a few other nights. The first night, I had a dream that I was in the midst of some people I knew and I was praising God and in the peak of my prayer,  a bat bit me. I woke up after the dream terrified and picked up my Bible to read Pslam 91. As I opened my Bible, the page in front of me was about false prophets. Ah was God speaking? Again I had another bad dream and I woke up and opened my Bible and again the page I opened to was about false prophets. This couldn’t have been a coincidence, in fact in the Kingdom of God there are no coincidences only God incidences. God was surely speaking. So I began to pray for mercy. I went to my church the next day and went to the altar and apologized to the Father for going see this “man of God” and I asked God to help me fight this battle. I asked Him what I should do to stop the attacks. I heard Him say praise me. “Praise me?????” I thought He was going to say do night vigil , fast etc. but He said praise me. So I went for my fellowship that evening and another friend of mine was like she wanted to speak to me all day. She was aware of all that was going on. She said I should read 2 Chronicles 20. I read it.
It was about Jehosaphat, the king of Judah who was facing an attack by three enemy camps. He and his people fasted and sought the Lords face for three days. After the fast God said the battle was His. So the next day, they set out to war and instead of putting their strongest soldiers ahead of them, they put their music minsters who began to sing “praise the Lord for His mercies endureth forever.” As they were singing, the enemy camp turned on themselves and when they finished praising God, the enemies had killed themselves. Wow , I was in awe and this was confirmation that God wanted me to praise Him. That night I had another bad dream. This one was a about a big snake. I woke up terrified and started praying. My husband too woke up and asked me what I had done. He had a dream about an attack. I told him what had been happening g and we both decided to go for the night vigil at our church the next day. At vigil, I danced and praised like never before. I never had an attack again. The Father fought the battle for me.
  1.  Are you facing a difficulty or a storm?
2. Are you depressed about your current situation.
3. Do you have a lack of joy.
4. Have you been waiting on the Lord for answer to prayers but nothing has happened?
5. What are you going to do about it?
* Spend 60 minutes with the Father today
* Praise Him
Bible Study:
* Read John chapter 19
* What is God saying to you? (write any thoughts that come to you in your journal)
* What do you say to God? (write this in your journal)
The Father’s Daughter’s thoughts: I saw a meme on Instagram that said
Interviewer: How did you make your money?
American billionaire: Real Estate
French Billionaire: Restaurants
Italian Billionaire: Fashion Industry
Nigerian Billionaire : Na God.
It got me thinking hmmmm. A lot of people laughed at the Nigerian billionaire. But then I believe this is the right answer. Now wait before you jump into conclusions. When I am asked, how did you make your money? I will say God. This should prompt them to ask a follow up question. “How did God do it?” It is then that I will say He did it through…… wealth coaching company Omilola Oshikoya International etc. Notice that I have gotten the interviewer to acknowledge that the source of my wealth is God. The Bible in Deuteronomy 8:18 says “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth…” (NKJV). In today’s Bible study John 19:12 Jesus said to Pontious Pilate “You haven’t a shred of authority over me except what has been given you from heaven” (The Message version). When you are asked the question (notice I didn’t say if), what would you say?
* Listen to Surrounded (Fight my battles) by Michael W. Smith
* Listen to “Ever be” by Kalley Heiligenthal /We will not be shaken
* Listen to “Defender” by Upper room
* Listen to “Onise iyanu” by Nathaniel Bassey
Declaration: Praise is my weapon. I praise the Father in good times and bad times. I praise Him in every season.

3 thoughts on “Day 19: The Father’s Daughter Challenge

  1. Thank you for this challenge Omilola. My relationship with God is getting better because of this challenge. I am so glad I joined. God bless your heart sis. I love you.


  2. Dear Omilola,thank you for answering the call of God upon your life.You have been such a blessing to many ,me in particular.God speaks to me through you all the time.I pray for strength for the journey ahead.You will finish well, we all will in Jesus name.Amen


  3. Your testimonies are always a joy to read…may we have thousands of reasons to praise God and even if we don’t have, he is God nevertheless and he will cause the rocks to cry out in our place..


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