Happy New Year

Yayyyy Happy New Year. Welcome to the year 2018, a year of New beginnings.


I also call it the year of the Promise of the Rainbow (I’ll explain later).


I decided to put structure by setting up a blog solely for the Fathers Daughter. Prior to this I was just posting articles on my personal website.


This year, I would try to blog as often as possible and I also hope to set –up a mentoring platform as well. I do believe God has a big surprise for this ministry this year, so stay tuned.


As we start the year it is important to reflect on 2017. I know that for many 2017 was a difficult year and even for those who seem to have had a fantastic year, they also experienced a few lows. Regardless of how your 2017 ended it is important to be thankful and be full of gratitude. The mere fact that you are alive and able to read this is a testament to the fact that there is hope, for where there is life, there is hope.


As you enter 2018 with a thankful heart, you allow blessings to come to you in 2018.


This ministry is very dear to Gods heart. I found myself in the “belly of a fish” (metaphor for the story of Jonah) at the end of the year and I didn’t really understand why and I thought I had been obedient to God in everything He has asked me to do. As I began my retreat God revealed that I had neglected this precious assignment that He needed me to fulfil and so I am repenting and committing with His help ofcourse to do my best to carry out His assignment.


I don’t have a template or blueprint yet on how this is going to pan out but I trust God to reveal to me as I am obedient.


I am currently on my annual retreat so I guess it is a good opportunity to keep this going.


I do wish you a fruitful 2018. Most importantly I pray that we develop a more intimate relationship with our Father for we are The Fathers Daughters.

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